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Our exceptional staff of Registered Early Childhood Educators are committed to developing young minds and fostering positive and memorable experiences for children and their families. Teachers encourage social skills, self-esteem and self-awareness through sharing, co-operation and problem solving. Children develop a joy for learning by observing, questioning and discovering science, nature, letters, numbers, cultures and traditions through stories, music, drama, sensory play, art, indoor and outdoor play, special events and field trips.


Heather Brown

Heather has been with the Oriole community since 2008. She has taught both the Junior and Senior classes and has held the role of Supervisor Since 2010. Heather graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2008. She began working at the age of 7, professionally acting in theatre productions such as Les Miserables, and television shows such as Road to Avonlea. She retired from her acting career at the age of 21 and delved into the world of Management at Kitchen Stuff Plus for 8 years. As a teacher, Heather brings her passion for theatre arts to the classroom each day, engaging the children with music based learning. She believes that learning cognitive concepts, literacy and numeracy should be engaging, silly and playful- capturing the child’s natural interest and curiosity. Heather enjoys singing, dancing and playing the guitar; she also loves to garden, enjoys cooking and baking, and thoroughly enjoys being a Mom of her three children.

Emily Toth

Emily has been with the Oriole community since 2011. She began as the floating teacher: assisting in either class when necessary and quickly found her footing to eventually take on the job of leading the Junior Class. Emily received her Early Childhood Education diploma from Mothercraft College, where she received an award for Outstanding Achievement to acknowledge her high marks and intense effort. Emily has attended professional development training on a number of topics including communication, self-expression, promotion and development of speech, encouraging literacy, and risk-taking during play. She would describe herself as being curious and creative. Emily is keenly interested in the emotional lives of children, and facilitates with a focus on respect, encouragement, and celebration of individual aptitudes. She is thrilled to work at a school with an approach that gives children a space to freely gain knowledge and skills through play.

Marzi Pouya.JPG

Marzi Pouya

Marzi has been with the Oriole community since 2013. Marzi Pouya has loved working with and being around children since she was in high school. She felt very happy and energetic when she was babysitting her own nephews and nieces.  She enjoyed watching them grow, crawl, walk, talk, and learn.  She decided to become a teacher and work with children. She graduated with honours in Early Childhood Education from Seneca College, and has been working as a RECE for over10 years. She has experience in running nursery and parenting programs, observing and documenting children’s development, and has worked in various programs including LINC, Queen’s Park Child Care, YMCA, as well as Oriole Nursery School. When she is not working with children, she enjoys reading, watching movies, doing Yoga, and spending time with her family.

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